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Buy book Muscle Building "Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Program"Kyle Leon's

Natural Muscle Building-Customized, Unique, Anabolic Approach to Nutrition
The SMM is EXACT and tailors anabolic nutrition for you in every way possible using 4 patented formulas. These 4 formulas took years of testing and tweaking with world renowned nutritionists, fitness models and big time bodybuilders to perfect

Many men are trying to look masculine in accordance with its nature, one of which is to build muscle, muscle growth is influenced by the hormone testosterone. ideal athletic body shape and consistent efforts are needed to understand the formation of the body, we need to know what is going to be formed ... muscles, muscles are soft tissues that contain actin filaments and myosin proteins, can generate contractions that change the length and shape of the cell. muscle tissue derived from the mesoderm layer and embryonic germ cells in a process known as myogenesis. There are three types of muscle:

  • Striated muscle, have an effective design for the spontaneous movements and require great strength, quickly tired (a buildup of lactic acid in the cell), derived from motor signals from the brain and is conscious, present in almost all parts of the body outside; 
  • Smooth muscle, found in the digestive organs and blood vessels, working with the arrangement of involuntary nervous system (autonomic), in the form by which muscle cells are formed from both ends tapered spindle and having a single nucleus; 
  • Cardiac muscle, specifically working to pump blood to the heart by contraction continuously without stopping, its movement is not influenced by the central nervous signals, but is influenced by the interaction of the sympathetic nerves (parasympathetic which slow down or speed up the heart rate.

Muscles have the ability to extensibility, elasticity and contraction-tilitas, in the human body there are more than 500 muscles and striated muscle is made ​​up of 40% of the body, muscle strength capacity directly with the physiological cross-sectional area of the muscle fibers, with a design exercise and nutrition can specifically increase muscle strength and size of fibers (hypertropi), factors that play a role include; increase in protein in muscle fibers, increase in capillary density bio-chemical changes in the muscle fibers. 
For optimal muscle building with a short effort and maximum power production, the characteristics required to develop the muscle cells are:
  1. Characteristics Every muscle cells may contain contractile proteins with high volume, due to the diffusion of oxygen is not considered, then make the cells become larger diameter helps to increase the contractile proteins (actin and myosin); 
  2. Muscle characteristics make the space between the actin and myosin, the mitochondrial density should be minimized, it is important to maintain cell function; 
  3. Characteristics of muscle, fat can be metabolized aerobically danger, high levels of fat splitting enzyme cytosol is not required; 
  4. Characteristics of muscle, glykolisi anaerobic capacity can be met with a short and lactic acid production capacity can be high, an increase in glycogen storage can not be seen on an exercise program less than 6 weeks (grimby, 1973), exercise program over 20 weeks showed that the increase in intramuscular storage glykogen significantly (Macdougall,

        Bundles of muscle fibers, called fascicles, are covered by the perimysium. Muscle fibers are covered by the endomysium.
        Several biological factors such as age, type of muscle and nutrients affect muscle growth (hypertrophy), it can be improved through training and high-intensity anaerobic exercise and short duration, basically sufficient supply of amino acids are needed to produce muscle hypertrophy. 

        Many courses are offered through both online and offline to help develop your masculine body, but there are many programs that are too long and sometimes the body does not produce what we want, because any rigid program will only apply to some people, body building required a complete guide about;

        • (Natural, Unique) body type and muscle (each person is different) 
        • (Natural, Unique) Nutritional purposes and usage settings schedules; 
        • (Natural, Unique) Patterns of exercise and a regular schedule; 
        • (Natural, Unique) Maintenance condition of the body after exercise.

        Of experience and development carried out by a nutritionist and body training instructor, Kyle Leon's, designing: 

        Offering a fresh and realistic approach in a short time can maximize muscle growth and body, many experts and instructors fitnness support this program, and proved to have thousands of people in the gym who wears the program has succeeded in achieving the ideal body shape desired." is a unique program approach by many factors, especially nutrient consumption setting, the following basic concepts:

        • Adjustment Type Body, Nutrition and Exercise; Type body in this system there are three; Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph, each of which has a dramatic effect on the way your body processes food and builds muscle; Four patented formula;
        1. (Natural, Unique) Formula 1 "Somanabolic customizer" - Learn to separately determine the proper amount of nutrients the body needs, the type, amount and timing of food to maximize muscle development. 
        2. (Natural, Unique) Formula 2 "Somanatic Rebuilder" - Provide the right amount of nutrients in the recovery phase after exercise, provide post-workout nutrition. 
        3. (Natural, Unique) Formula 3 "Systematic Nutrabolism" - With a basis of systemic nutrabolism trigger and stimulate the muscles of the body 86%; 
        4. (Natural, Unique) Formula 4 "Filter Factor Training" - Based on the characteristics of the body determined food intake for muscle maintenance.

              • MS Excel based application, enter personal data, provide an easy guide to nutrient intake, exercise patterns and time to understand when and how your body is in an anabolic state, make the appropriate channels in muscle growth and keep the practice of post-injury, pre and post guide exercise routine and schedule breaks for recovery.

              Natural Muscle Building formula Maximizer Program - Unique, Characteristics of muscle

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              Natural Muscle Building formula Maximizer Program - Unique, Characteristics of muscle

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              The refund can be claimed within 60 days of purchase.


              Natural Muscle Building-Customized, Unique, Anabolic Approach to Nutrition
              Bonus #1 - Somanabolic Weight Training
              Bonus #2 - Somanabolic Suplementation
              Bonus #3 - 7 Days out
              Bonus #4 - Somanabolic Unlimeted upgrades

              Natural Muscle Building formula Maximizer Program - Unique, Characteristics of muscle

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