Friday, June 27, 2014

Best Bodybuilding “The Perfect Body Formula” Adonis Golden Ratio

Best Bodybuilding “The Perfect Body Formula” Adonis Golden Ratio proves the Adonis Golden Ratio is strongest, leanest, and most muscular form genetically possible your body can be in without drugs...In addition, the Adonis Golden Ratio has been called “The Perfect Body Formula” by Men’s Health magazine.
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Best Bodybuilding “The Perfect Body Formula” Adonis Golden RatioWe talked about the goal of hijacking and how easy it can be to get side tracked and start working out for anything other than your best body. Today I want to explain another potential trap that can Distract you from play your focus and also cause you some serious distress. 

It's something I call "Image Illusion" Image Illusion how I describe the difference between how a bodybuilder, or fitness celebrity looks in real life, and how they look in a picture. This is important Because I'll bet you have used a celebrity, a Physique athlete, a bodybuilder or some sort of a model as your ideal body that you want for yourself. 

Perhaps you were flipping through a Men's Health magazine or some other fitness publication either online or in print and you saw a body and said to yourself "THAT is what I want to look like" But do you really know what goes into creating the image you're looking at? 

If you've never been at a professional photoshoot ... ... Then you really do not know what it took to create that picture and even worst ... you do not know what that person actually looks like when they're not being shot by a professional. 

You should Consider the images you see of Physique models and celebrities as an INTERPRETATION of what that person looks like. You can even consider any picture you see as a work of art using that celebrity or athlete as the models. Obviously the photographer is simply trying to bring out the best look for that models, and the models are in great shape no doubt. 
And of course, what you do not know is that the photographer took Likely Hundreds of photos in the shoot, just to get ONE image ... the ONE that highlights that the best models. 
So you have be careful when comparing how you look on a day to day basis with an ideal image from a picture. After all, what you're seeing is that person's absolute BEST look, from the BEST angle, with the BEST cameras, and the BEST lighting ... 
(and we have not even talked about yet PhotoShop) 

Best bodybuilding book is actually good news. 

Believe it or not the body you want is closer than you think. If you've looked at any of the pictures of our past contest winners, you'll see that many of them have professional caliber even though they took photos Them at home. I teach everyone in our contests to take the best pictures possible for two but could be better: 
  1. To level the playing field so everyone is presenting their best possible after-pictures 
  2. To show everyone that the difference between being in great shape on a day to day basis and on the cover of a magazine is actually just a professional photo shoot. 

The point is that you can get down on yourself and start to believe you'll never 'get there' if you're constantly comparing yourself to a professionally shot image of a body ideal that you want. You'll never know how close you really are until you do a round of really good pictures yourself. 
So I Encourage you to only compare yourself to yourself. 

This not bodybuilding supplement brands

Take a picture today, and then again in 4 weeks. In order to track your progress only compare these pictures of yourself over time and forget about your body image ideal model for now. In a few months as you continue to progress you can start thinking about getting a good round of pictures done to PROVE to yourself that you're closer to being in the cover model of shape than you think. 

Just trust the Best Bodybuilding Adonis Golden Ratio metrics. 
Once you have a set of well done pictures of yourself in your best shape you can then compare how you look to a magazine cover models and decide how close you really are. I know many of our previous contest winners did this and they ended up looking better than any cover models they were using as their ideal body goal. 

Put it this way, if you stick to the Adonis Golden Ratio System you can grab from us, I guarantee that you can look good enough to be on the cover of Men's Health or any other fitness magazine this year! You've just got to trust in the system ... 


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